A man in the Philippines was inspired by his wife’s camos pants to make them from scratch.

The two are both in their 60s and have a passion for women’s fashion.

The woman’s camouches are made of wool, rayon, cotton, rayons, polyester and rayon.

It is a very modern look and is a great alternative to traditional traditional camo.

The man is in his 40s.

He has always been a fan of camo and he has been sewing and making his own.

He started sewing and sewing again with his sewing skills.

This is what he has come up with.

He has been making his wife camouche pants for the past few years, and he was inspired to make his own by his own experience.

“My wife wears a traditional camoule, so I started to think, ‘Why not make her a skirt that is a bit more contemporary?’

So I started making a skirt, and that skirt has a little bit more of a silhouette, it has a bit of a dress-like feel, and it has the skirt on top,” he told Al Jazeera.

The skirt is a simple one, but the man had to be creative to create a great silhouette.

He started with a simple skirt, but when he tried to add some layers to make it more sophisticated, it just didn’t work.

“I started thinking, ‘I can do this skirt with a little more fabric on top, I can make it to be a bit less of a skirt’,” he said.

He decided to try adding a pair of shoes.

“We decided to get a pair that would fit the size of her feet, and so we bought her two pairs of size 8 shoes,” he said, adding that he also bought her a pair with a small heel.

“She has been wearing these shoes for about three months now.

And so we decided to give them a try,” he added.

The result is something that is almost unrecognisable from her original outfit, and the pair have made a great impression on the man.

“It’s really cool to have this opportunity to show that you can be an artist,” he remarked.

“You can design clothes that are really beautiful, and then wear them.”

He added that he was looking forward to being able to wear the new outfit in public in the future.

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