With President Donald Trump calling for $1.1 trillion in defense spending, a bipartisan defense spending deal is in sight, but Democrats are resisting the proposal.

Democrats are saying they want more spending to keep up with rising military costs, but they’re also calling for more troops and more weapons.

That’s a problem for Trump, who said earlier this week that he wants more troops than the current war in Afghanistan.

The Defense Department and the Pentagon’s top military officer say the spending bill would give Congress more time to complete the military’s planned buyout of F-35 fighter jets.

But they say it’s up to Congress to spend the money and not to let lawmakers push the Pentagon into making major cuts in other areas.

“There is no question that there is a fiscal cliff looming,” said Army Col. Steve Warren, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The deal is expected to come up for a vote next week in the House and Senate, which will begin voting on the bill by early next week.

The House passed the bill earlier this year, but the Senate has yet to take up it.

Democrats have criticized the deal, saying it will cost more money and give Congress less time to address the looming fiscal cliff.

Democrats say the bill would add to the $17 trillion in spending that lawmakers already agreed to when the government was closed in October.

Republicans say the measure is needed to protect the nation’s vital national interests and defend our troops.

The bill includes more money for defense and homeland security, including $400 million for the Pentagon to buy additional tanks and other armored vehicles.

The Senate also approved the measure on Friday.

Democrats in the Senate say they expect to add $1 billion in additional funding for infrastructure, a critical component of the military.

But Republicans say the money is a tax hike on hardworking taxpayers who would be better served by a tax cut.

A White House official says the administration is reviewing the final bill to determine how it will impact the deficit, but it’s not clear what that would mean for the federal deficit.

The bill is expected be passed on Thursday in the Democratic-controlled House and is expected for a floor vote in the next few days.

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