Women of colour have had a hard time accepting the notion that black pantings have been outmoded in recent years.

In a survey published by the journal The Lad, about 80 per cent of respondents agreed that women who dress like this were not doing themselves any favours.

Instead, the surveyors said, the black pant looks better because it reflects a more relaxed, more feminine silhouette, which they argue has more “street cred”.

But they also noted that the trend of black pant legs, which were often worn by hipsters in the early 2000s, is also making people uncomfortable.

The surveyors also found that many of the women who have worn pant legs have never even seen the look before.

And there are plenty of reasons why they may not be wearing them.

A study by US researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that nearly two-thirds of black women aged between 18 and 34 surveyed said they were not wearing them at all, but a majority of those surveyed also reported they were wearing them on occasion.

And, as The Lad pointed out, it’s not just the black women who are concerned.

A recent study from the US National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) also found the proportion of women who were wearing pants in 2013 was higher than in 2009.

The NICE report also found more women than men were wearing pant legs in the US in 2015, which has led to some backlash.

And the survey suggested that this was because the trend was seen as more of a woman’s thing.

But while the black female body may be more traditionally defined as a “woman’s place”, according to the survey, many of its modern day counterparts are not.

There are now plenty of examples of men wearing pants.

But many of them are not wearing pants, according to a survey by the online retailer IKEA.

In the survey of 1,000 men and women aged 19 to 50 in the UK, almost two-fifths of respondents said they did not wear trousers, but only 19 per cent said they had ever worn pants.

And while the majority of men have traditionally worn trousers, the majority are also now opting for skirts, blouses, blazers and blazons.

What this means for women is that the majority have grown up wearing pants – and many are still not wearing it.

And this trend is now likely to get even worse as pants and skirts become more of an acceptable form of female dress.

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