Plaid pants were a new look for the majority of the year, and the trend was on full display on January 1st when Plaid dropped a line of pants with a new, more casual look.

However, a few hours later, they announced a new line of underwear, the Plaid Pant, which looks just like the original but is designed to make your underwear look a bit more snug.

We’ve got some pictures to show you to give you an idea of how this pants looks.

[Source: Plaid]The Plaid pant is currently available in sizes small through large, and can be found for $40 on the site.

[Image source: Playset]For those who want to try on some Plaid-inspired underwear, here are some sample styles.

[Images source: Glamazon]As you can see, the pants will fit like a tight jeans but will not be the tightest pants on the market.

But the most exciting aspect of the pants is how well it looks.

These pants are incredibly well made and the Playsets’ website is a very informative and user-friendly place to go to get the best deals.

[Read: The Best Lingerie for Girls]As for how to wear these pants, just grab them from the store or a friend, and they will be a must-have for any woman.

We love that the pants don’t come with any padding and that the crotch area is wide enough to show off your full breasts without looking too “feminine.”

The Playsettes website also has a handy step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to sew up any waistband and give your pants a little more style.

If you don’t have any experience with Playses, it might help to get a pair of Playspants to wear and give them a try.

[Related: The Most Popular Playsite on The Internet Is About Plays]You can also try out the Plasys “Glamazon” pants, which are a solid pair of underwear with a more feminine look.

[Glamazons Instagram]The best part about these pants is that they are incredibly comfortable and the fit is perfect for most people.

If that’s not enough, the panties are also available in some more traditional styles like shorts and tank tops.

We’re not sure if the shorts and shirt combo is as flattering for most women, but for those who prefer a more traditional look, they are available as well.

[Featured image source: Fenty Beauty]If you’re looking for a pair to try out for the holidays, the Pant is a great option for anyone who wants to look cute in the pantless panty.

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