Vuori trousers are so popular that some people wear them on the job, but the trousers they wear have been called the pants of death.

Now, a study has found that they can also cause urinary tract infections.

The study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that the men wearing the trousers have been more likely to have a urinary tract infection than those who donned trousers.

“It’s a really scary thing, that’s for sure,” says lead author Dr James Dickson, a consultant urologist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Nottingham, UK.

“People should wear them as much as possible.”

There is no definitive reason why people wearing the pants get urinary tract problems.

It could be because they’re dirty, or because they are too hot or cold, or that they are wearing them in a hurry, or they are not wearing trousers that are designed to be warm.

“I think there’s something wrong with the trousers themselves, or the way they’re worn,” Dickson says.

“There’s a lot of research on the risks and the benefits of wearing trousers.”

He and his colleagues tested the men’s urine for bacteria.

They then measured the men on a scale of how hot they were while the trousers were on.

“We found that trousers with an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or more are much more likely than the trousers with a temperature of 20 degrees or less to cause urinary infections,” Denton says.

In some people, the trousers can cause irritation or discomfort in the urethra.

This may make the urologists concerned, as the urinary tract may not be able to get around it, or it may even cause pain.

“The more you wear trousers the more likely it is that you’re going to have urinary tract irritation,” he says.

The research has been carried out in England, and has been published in The Lancet medical journal.

But Dickson cautions that he cannot say whether the risk is universal or not.

“If you’ve been working with men and you’ve noticed that you’ve got urinary tract pain, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should change the way you work or wear the trousers,” he adds.

He also notes that many men don’t realise the risks.

“Many men are surprised when they hear about these risks and say, ‘I never thought about that before’,” he says, adding that he encourages men to wear the pants on the same day they work, and if they can’t do so, to change their workwear to something more warm and comfortable.

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