Green pants are a staple for all those who love the sport of soccer, and they’re no exception to the rule when it comes to the brand’s new Adidas soccer pants line.

While we can’t claim to know for sure when these pants will be hitting store shelves, we can say that they will be a staple in any soccer-loving wardrobe, whether you’re looking to make yourself look as impressive as a team-mate or just looking to save a few bucks.

The Adidas soccer Pant range consists of three pairs of the brand-new soccer pant models, and each pair is available in four different styles: chino, green and brown.

Each pair comes in a wide range of colors and textures, from the classic brown to the more exotic shades of green.

The chino version of the pant comes in two sizes, which should be sufficient for most people, and the green pant has an extra-wide fit that is ideal for athletes.

The adidas soccer pant comes with three different styles to choose from: chinos, green, and brownSource: Adidas via The VergeThe adidas and ZUBAZ pant lines aren’t the only brand collaborations this year.

Other Adidas and Zubaz collaborations include a new adidas polo shirt with a new logo, and a ZUBAZ hoodie with a design similar to Adidas’ famous yellow and blue polos.

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