Pants size isn’t just a size question, but a question of what kind of pants you’re wearing.

This is particularly true when you’re talking about your size, which is why we’re going to focus on the difference between men’s and women’s pants sizes.

The most basic definition of pants size is that it’s how big your pants fit inside them.

The sizing system of the average woman’s pant size is a lot like a shopper’s size chart.

Most women have a size that’s fairly average (they’re either 6’2″ or 5’11”), and if you have any doubts about that, just look at the pants you have lying around.

If they’re too big, you’re going too big.

If you’re too small, you probably don’t need them.

In a typical woman’s size, your pant size depends on the cut of your legs and the size of your hips.

Women’s pants tend to be slightly longer than men’s.

So, the bigger you are, the longer your pant will be.

Women also tend to have more room for a man’s underwear.

You’ll often find a shorter man’s pant with a wider crotch than a longer one, or vice versa.

This makes sense, because when you get a long skirt, the crotch will be a bit higher.

But the pants that are shorter than your waist tend to not fit in the crotch as well, and can feel a bit loose in your pants.

A shorter woman’s pants will also be more comfortable to wear, which may not be as obvious as it sounds.

For women, a long, tight skirt can be a little uncomfortable.

A longer, wider pant can be much more comfortable.

But men’s pant sizes vary widely.

A medium-length shirt can be uncomfortable in a woman’s normal size, while a short shirt can feel great in a man.

And a man will also find pants that fit him well, depending on his height and size.

Men’s pant sizing can vary based on the length of their pants.

Men can wear pants that feel good for them in any size, but their pants will probably feel much longer than a women’s size.

When men’s pants are longer, they can feel tighter, and women can find pant sizes that feel more comfortable than the normal ones.

A women’s pant is typically about the same length as a man, but its not always the same width.

This means that you can fit into a long pant while still feeling comfortable in a shorter one.

A woman can wear a longer pant in a short skirt, but she may feel the same way about it when she wears a shorter pant in her long skirt.

A man’s pants can feel more flexible, and may be longer than the standard size of pants, but they may not fit perfectly into the crotch.

A short pants might fit snugly into a medium-width skirt, while an extended one might fit a little loose.

A long pant can fit snug inside a medium skirt, or a short pant can stay on the short side of the medium.

Women tend to prefer longer pants because of their extra room, while men tend to wear pants with more room.

Men prefer shorter pants because they’re more comfortable, and shorter pants are more comfortable in general.

Women generally prefer shorter, wider pants, and men generally prefer longer, thinner pants.

Women prefer longer pant sizes, but men prefer shorter ones.

If a pair of pants are too small or too wide for you, you may need to get them tailored.

This may include an extra-long pant for longer pants, or extra-wide pants for shorter ones, depending upon your size.

If your pants don’t fit properly, a tailor will help you find pants to fit you.

A tailored pant may be a more comfortable fit than one without a tailored fit.

If this is the case, the tailor will make the right fit for you based on what’s comfortable in your size and what’s not.

Some men will be comfortable with shorter pants that have more length, while women may prefer longer trousers that are longer.

When you wear a pants tailor, the length and width of your pant are kept separate so you can keep them looking good for you.

This allows for a tailor to take the guesswork out of choosing pants for you and to help you tailor the pants to the perfect fit.

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