TechCrunch, in collaboration with Jezebel, is celebrating its second anniversary by breaking down the best and worst pants, shirts, hats, and accessories for every major style.

Here are the five things we thought we’d miss the most in 2016:1.

The boho pant: It’s like wearing a kimono but with more fabric, and you can’t afford to wear it without the pants.

The black pant features a mesh pocket for your phone and an adjustable zipper that opens to reveal a belt for carrying your phone, which can be undone and worn as a belt.

It also comes with a zipper pocket for carrying a phone as well.

The pant is available in black, blue, and red.2.

The cuffed pants: This one is a bit more affordable, though it is not as functional.

It’s made of stretch fabric that stretches to fit the body, and it also comes in a black, red, and blue option.

The blue option is much more comfortable, and also comes equipped with a zip closure.

The fabric also has a stretchy lining for additional comfort.3.

The ripped pants: The ripped jeans are a staple of the bohos, and we can’t help but love the way they feel and how well they work on our body.

It can be a bit uncomfortable to wear these, and they’re also a little pricey.

If you’re looking for a pair that’s cheap, the best option is to buy a pair of jeans that are just $20 at Best Buy.4.

The ripped pants: Like the ripped pants, the ripping pants can be uncomfortable to work out in, and that’s a shame.

However, they’re still a great option for work and casual wear.

The material is stretchy, and the rips can be adjusted to be worn as belt loops, so they can also be worn around the waist.5.

The rolled up pants: While we’ve always been fans of the rolled up jeans, we can honestly say they’re definitely worth the money.

These pants are a good fit for people who work out on the go, and when you fold them up into a bag or zip up they are perfect for carrying around.

The rollers feature a removable elastic band that keeps them from sliding down when folded up.

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