In January 2012, a photographer for TIME magazine stumbled upon a pair of denim pants on sale at a flea market in California.

The pants were made by a company called Nasty Boy, which is now owned by Nike, and it was a revelation for Nike’s head of footwear, Tom Killeen, who wanted to know how he could turn them into a fashion statement.

“He was like, ‘Well, we’re selling them to guys.’ “

” The response was immediate, and Killeine was hooked. “

“People wanted to buy the pants, and I knew I had to make them, so I made them,” he says. “

Nasty Boys are among a growing number of denim-clad athletes who are turning their backs on traditional footwear and wearing their new footwear instead. “

People wanted to buy the pants, and I knew I had to make them, so I made them,” he says.

Nasty Boys are among a growing number of denim-clad athletes who are turning their backs on traditional footwear and wearing their new footwear instead.

Some of them are running marathons, surfing, or doing martial arts.

But others are turning to sneakers as a fashion accessory.

The first shoe to make the transition was a pair by Nastyboy, whose logo was a stylized version of a pair that sported Nike’s logo.

Nastasha Karam was one of those athletes, and she wore the jeans for years before switching to shoes.

In 2010, she won a gold medal in the 200-meter dash at the London Olympics.

Now a senior track and field athlete at Oregon State University, Karam says she can’t imagine living without a pair.

“The only time I have shoes is when I need to go out and run,” she says.

“When I get home, I just have to wear them.”

Karam is now a fashion designer.

In the years since she first put on the sneakers, NastyBoy has expanded to include more brands.

It now makes jeans, sneakers, running shoes, running shorts, running socks, and sneakers.

Natchios sneakers are made in Japan.

Killeene, who is also Nike’s chief marketing officer, says the company continues to invest in its apparel brands.

“We’re looking at more brands to expand into, but it’s a gradual process,” he adds.

Nascar has long been known as the premier brand for American athletes.

But its roots go back to the 1930s when the team used a shoe that was made by Adidas and that became known as “Nasty Boys.”

The name has since become synonymous with the brand.

And that has helped Nascar grow beyond just drivers.

Nanny-care shoes are also popular among athletes in the sport.

Some wear them as their primary footwear, while others wear them with their bare feet.

And they can be used for everything from running to yoga.

“You can run for three days in Nasty-Boy sneakers, and you can do all sorts of things with them,” says Jason Loughran, who coaches track and practice at the United States Track & Field Foundation.

“There are all kinds of activities you can run with them.”

But if you’re not running, there’s a big downside to using Nastyboys.

The brand is known for its lightweight materials, and the company has been known to break its shoe for the sake of being tough.

Loughrant, the track and sport trainer at the American College of Sports Medicine in Denver, says he’s noticed a shift in athletes using Nike sneakers in recent years.

“They’re definitely wearing them more in the last five years than they have been for years,” he tells Newsweek.

“It’s not a trend, but they’re definitely starting to feel more comfortable.”

That trend is reflected in the popularity of the sport itself, as athletes compete in more athletic events, from high-profile track and fields like the Olympics to shorter distances like the marathas.

The popularity of shoes also helped inspire a few other new trends.

The rise of men’s athletic shoes is one of the reasons Nike is now seeing a surge in women’s shoe sales.

Last year, Nike said its women’s athletic footwear market was up 15 percent from the previous year, and in 2015, women’s shoes accounted for more than half of Nike’s overall footwear market.

The demand for sneakers in women has also been growing, as women’s fashion has become increasingly feminine and feminine-style.

“Nike has always had a lot of brands that are geared toward women, and we’ve seen that in women in particular, which has been a trend for a long time,” says Kristin Miller, a brand expert at Foot Locker.

“Women want a masculine shoe.

They want a casual shoe.

And when you have men in their shoes, you’re like, oh, no.

It’s not as fashionable.”

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