How to get rid of snowboard socks and sneakers

If you’ve been wearing snowboard shoes for the past year, it’s likely you’ve heard of snowboarding socks.And with a few key differences, they’re the best thing you can do to remove the white socks and shoes that have stuck around in your socks drawer.Here’s how to get them off.1.Clean out your sock drawer.The most obvious […]

Walmart Cargo Pants: Black Leather Pants with Walmart Cargo Tags

Walmart Cargo pants are the perfect choice for a cargo pants collection.The dark color combination is perfect for a look that shows off the dark colors of your wardrobe and the dark fabrics in your pants.Wal-Mart Cargo pants have a lot of cargo tags in the back, as well as a variety of color options […]

Woman in yoga pants loses $6,000 in a lawsuit over ‘barking’ suit

Posted November 17, 2018 09:01:08 A woman in a yoga pants suit has lost $6.6 million after claiming she was fired from her job because she wore a “bark” suit.Lisa Hildebrand filed the lawsuit against her former employer, American Apparel, and her former supervisor, the Australian National Apparel Group, alleging they discriminated against her on […]

Why the new Black Leather Pants Are Not For Men

Men, women, and everyone in between have been clamoring for Black Leather pants.They have been in demand for years, and now they are here.But it’s important to remember that Black Leather is not the same thing as Leather.Leather has been around for over a century, and it’s one of the most widely used materials for […]

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