Sportswear giant Nike is taking the wraps off a new range of golf pants which it hopes will help women in all kinds of weather.

The new range features “womans lounge” pants which are made from a blend of wool and cotton, which is “designed to provide an extra layer of warmth, comfort and fit”.

It’s a “warm, supportive and comfortable pair of women’s golf pants”, says Nike.

They are the first Nike Golf Pants to be released in Australia, and will be available from March 2017.

Nike says it’s also working on “slim fit” pants for women, which will be coming to stores later this year.

Women can expect to find the same comfort and warmth as their male counterparts in the “Womens Lounge” range, as well as the “Gaucho” range. 

Nike Golf pants are the latest product from the company which has already released a range of clothing including sneakers and clothing.

The Golf Paints have a range in the US, and the Nike Golf Golf Shop in Australia is currently running a limited-time sale for men.

Women will be able to choose from a range that includes: Golf shorts, socks, trainers, shoes and sandals.

“Golf pants for all types of weather” Nike is targeting a launch date of “spring” in Australia and New Zealand, meaning it should be on the shelves in March.

It’s also promising a range which includes a women’s lounge and a “sportswear range”.

Nike Golf Pins are the new “Sale” Nike Golf Range of Golf Pits is out, so grab yours now.

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