By Joe DellaVedovaThe men’s khaki pant has been around since the 1800s, when French designer Louis Gosset first introduced the pants to the masses.

The pant is made from the same material as the pants, but is also water resistant, lightweight and breathable.

The material is the same as that used by American Apparel, which has its own version of the pants called the khaki.

The American version has been a staple of American men’s wardrobe since its debut in 1959.

The pants are made of a cotton fabric and are breathable, stretchy, and water-resistant.

The design is based on the French style of khaki trousers and the style is often referred to as the French khaki or the French pant.

There are two styles of the khakis, the black and white khakis.

The white khaki has more of a muted green hue, while the black khaki features a brighter shade of red.

Men’s khakis can be bought in a wide variety of styles, ranging from a slim fit, to a high cut, to an elongated version.

You can also find a slim-fit version in a number of sizes.

Men also find that the khakys can be used as accessories, either as part of a casual look or as a suit piece.

You can find the best men’s trousers for the holidays in our list of the best women’s pants for the season.Read more

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