When is a Prenatal T-shirt a “T-shirt”?

When is the right time to wear a puffy-shirt?Puffy-shirts, sometimes called “black pants” or “black tights,” are often associated with the punk scene and are popular among those with an affinity for hip-hop, hip-ster and punk.They often feature a black, sleeveless t-shirt, often with a white or brown plaid trim, often accompanied by a sticker […]

Brown pants, army pants and jeans are among the hottest new styles of the year

Brown pants are the hottest and most popular new style of the new year.That’s according to the latest research by the latest fashion magazine, which analyzed data from the New York Times.While most Americans love to wear casual wear, there are some trends that make these pants seem more sophisticated.One is the fact that many […]

Mens pants, dress pants and jogger pants in women’s style

Mens pants and dress pants in men’s style include jogger and suit pants, a mix of slacks and pants, and a variety of trousers and skirts.While most pants in this collection will have some sort of a silhouette, they’re not necessarily all designed to look like pants.In fact, many of these trousers are designed to […]

When men wear trousers with straps: When it comes to pants with straps

When it came to the time of day, you could just go with the flow.But if you want to wear pants with adjustable straps, then you will need to take extra care to make sure that you don’t damage your pants, and this can be done by ensuring that they are positioned properly.If you do […]

When Donald Trump says ‘women don’t have rights’ to the White House, he’s not alone

A little over a month into his presidency, President Donald Trump has a point.Many women do not have rights to the Oval Office, he said in a speech to supporters last week.But when it comes to a women’s role in the workforce, the president is right.Women don’t get the same protections as men.The Equal Employment […]

Why do we need a $1 trillion defense spending bill?

With President Donald Trump calling for $1.1 trillion in defense spending, a bipartisan defense spending deal is in sight, but Democrats are resisting the proposal.Democrats are saying they want more spending to keep up with rising military costs, but they’re also calling for more troops and more weapons.That’s a problem for Trump, who said earlier […]

Why women should wear track pants for men

Recode host Kara Swisher sits down with three of the women who’ve taken the leap from the track to the gym, from the world of track and field to the world that women put on the track for themselves.First, a women’s workout pants: Why?Because if it’s not women who are doing the work, it’s women […]

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