The day Donald Trump was sworn in as president, a diverse group of women wore dresses and hats to demonstrate against what they see as his hypocrisy.

The Women’s March on Washington, which drew millions of people to Washington, DC, for the inauguration, was a stark reminder of how women are being treated under the Trump administration.

“I can only wear a dress, a skirt, to a Donald Trump inauguration,” said one protester, referring to Trump’s penchant for wearing a dress and a hat to his rallies.

“If he’s president, I can’t wear anything, even a skirt.”

While some of the protests were peaceful, others drew large crowds.

Women’s rights activists held a “no-shoes” rally at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and also staged an “intersection of race, gender and sexual orientation” march in New York City.

The march was organized by a coalition of groups that include the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Black Lives Matter movement, Black Lives Matters New York and Black Lives for Bernie Sanders, a group that has protested Trump’s election.

Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the Women’s Marches, has defended the dress code as a “very simple” requirement.

“Women’s bodies are beautiful and they deserve to be treated with respect,” he said at his inauguration.

“I do not believe it is appropriate to cover them up in any way.”

The march had about 500 women and men, according to organizers.

It was one of the largest and most diverse groups of women in the country, according the group.

Trump has been accused of sexism in the past, with many women accusing him of unwanted physical advances.

In April, Trump claimed that former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was menstruating when he met her at a campaign event.

Kelly has apologized for the comment.

“The remark was meant as a joke and was taken out of context.

I have never been a womanizer and I never would be,” Kelly said in a statement.

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