With a chino hat on, and the requisite pants on, there is no denying that chinos are a popular accessory.

But, with so many styles to choose from, the right pair of chinos to pair with the right footwear can make the difference between being successful on the trails and looking like a dork.

So, in the spirit of the trail, here are our picks for the best chinos and shoes to wear to the trail and back.1.

Pima Timber: Pima is known for its hiking boots, and their Timberline chinos do a great job of covering the basics.

The Timberline has a soft, supple, mesh sole and a midsole for traction, while the Pima Trailers offer a full-grain leather upper.

The chinos have a wide-legged collar, which is perfect for hiking in hot, wet conditions, while they’re also waterproof.

These chinos also come in three different sizes, from the Timberline to the Timberlite, with the Timberlites going for $99, while a Timberlite is $199.

You can also get the Timber Lite, which comes in four different sizes.

Pimas Timberline men’s Chinos are available at the Pimapalas.com site for $100, and they go on sale April 10th.2.

T-Shirt: The Timberland is a great choice for a casual look.

The soft leather and mesh sole are nice on a chilly hike, and a padded footbed makes the Timberlands a great place to rest your feet.

The T-shirts have a nice, stretchy fabric and are made of a soft cotton.3.

Nox: The Nox is a very durable chino.

The Nomex is a slim, lightweight chino that has a full grain leather upper and a mesh collar for traction.

The collar can be removed for a more casual look, and both the Nomexes and the Nox are available in different sizes and styles.

The company also makes a full range of men’s and women’s Nomexs, as well as women’s and men’s Noxes.

The Men’s Nomes are available for $89, while women’s are $129.4.

Jansport: The Jansports are a lightweight and versatile chino, offering a great fit and excellent traction.

They’re made of nylon and have a mesh top, a removable collar for comfort, and have some great construction.

These Chinos come in two sizes, the Men’s Jansupers and the Women’s Jansenupers.5.

JWL: The WL is a popular choice for hiking, because it has a comfortable fit and is comfortable to wear for the trail.

The leather upper is soft and offers plenty of support, while it also has a stretchy collar that is perfect to keep your foot in place.

This chino has a mesh bottom and a full length, nylon lining.

The Wl Men’s Chico are available from $199 for the men’s version, and $279 for the women’s version.6.

Adidas Timberland: The Adidas Timberlands are an amazing value for the money.

They are made out of durable material and come in various sizes, including the Timberland Lites, Timberland Lightweights, and Timberland Xtreme.

They also have a very lightweight and comfortable design.

They have a full mesh collar that can be easily removed for an easier hike, while there is also a removable footbed for a cozy walk.

The Adidas Outdoor Timberlands have a slightly higher price tag of $249, but they’re still a great value for trail and trail running.7.

Reebok Timberman: Reeboks Timbermans are the perfect option for a trail trip.

These Timbermans come in all sizes, with a full collar for a comfortable ride.

These can also be adjusted for a shorter or longer ride depending on your preference.

They offer a great range of sizes, and can be worn on both trails and the backcountry.

Reegmans Timbermans have a great price tag, with some being sold out.8.


Crew: If you want something casual for a hike, look no further than the J.

Crew Timberman.

This is a soft leather, padded, full-length, lightweight, lightweight hiking chino with a mesh front and a soft lining.

This hiking chinos offer great traction and great support.

They can also go with hiking boots for a much more comfortable fit.

If you’re not a fan of hiking boots but love the Timberman chinos, they can also come with a leather boot liner.9.

Timberlite: Timberloves Timberlays.

These are chinos that are designed for hiking on the mountain and backpacking in the back country.

They come in four sizes, ranging

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