When you’re in the dark, how do you keep your legs dry?

And what do you wear underneath?

That’s the question posed by an article by our guest blogger, Baggy Cargo Pants, for a new collection of pants that she calls Skater Pants.

And if you can find them in your local Walmart, it will only help you to keep them dry, right?

In the article, Baggys Skater pants feature an “army” of skater-esque pants, including a pair of cargo pants that come in a pair and two more that come with a belt.

They’re also available in a few colors, including white, black, gray, red and navy.

“These skater pants will make you look like a badass, and they’re really light and quick to wash,” Baggies Skater explains.

“They come with an adjustable waistband that you can adjust to your exact size, and then you can also wear these pants under your boots.

It’s a great way to look stylish without feeling like you’re wearing a bunch of underwear.” 

What to wear underneath these pants is important because they don’t require any extra underwear to be worn, so they’ll keep you dry for longer than your average pair of pants.

You can find these pants in the following colors: White/black, black/gray, gray/red, white/red and navy/gray.

(All pant sizes are shown in these photos.)

They’re available for $23.99, and there are also three colors available in sizes 1X-2X. 

If you want to save some money, you can get a pair for $19.99 at Target. 

Baggy Cargo pants, which are available in seven colors, are a great alternative to your normal cargo pants.

They come in different lengths, and you can choose between a regular cargo length, a cargo boot length, and a skate boot length.

These pants are a good option for anyone who is looking for something light, easy to wear, and durable. 

“I think skater pant fits really well for the warmer months when I am in the mountains and I’m wearing boots.

And I can go out and get some ice cold water,” Baggy said. 

The Skater Pant collection is available online through Baggy’s website, which includes a special sale that will be available until the end of October.

If you want the best deal, head to Target and use the code SKELETONMONDAY for a 20 percent off discount. 

Want to buy the Skater Pads?

Get the best deals on Skater and Skate Pants at Target: Black/gray cargo pants (7X) $16.99 White cargo pants $19.95 Black cargo pants $19,99 Gray cargo pants 2X $16.95 White cargo pants 1X  $14.99 Black cargo pants 3X  $18.95 Gray cargo pants 4X 

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