It was a good week for NHL players, as the NHL began a season of dress-rehearsal in preparation for the season, a new trend among the league’s 32 teams.

But while the dress season is usually an opportunity for players to wear their favorite style, there are also some rules players have to abide by when it comes to wearing a sleeved jersey.

“A player may not be seen wearing a stripe-patterned sleeved pants on the ice while playing the game,” according to the league website.

“A player wearing a white sleeved pant may only be seen in a sleevesuit or dress.”

As of now, the NHL has yet to release rules for players wearing sleeveled pants.

The league will be updating the rules to reflect what’s new in the dress seasons starting next week.

But what if you’re in the middle of the season and you’re having trouble finding a uniform to wear?

Some players may be struggling to find a suitable attire.

One player, Connor McDavid, said he doesn’t wear sleeveles because they’re “not cool,” according a CBC story on his decision.

Other players have worn sleeveleds to practice, but they’re not happy about it, according to a CBC report.

The NHL will be releasing new rules on dress seasons later this month.

But some players have been wearing sleeved jerseys all season.

For the latest on NHL players and the season ahead, follow us on Twitter @nhl and like us on Facebook.

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