When you’re having trouble with stains, blotting your hands, wiping your feet or your hands in a dishrag is a good idea.

However, it’s not for everyone.

And the sponge doesn’t really do much to remove smudged or burnt-on-your-face stains.

To help with this, the sponge has developed a number of features to help you keep the stains at bay.

But, as you’ll discover in this guide, you can also use the sponge as a paintbrush.

You can get a sponge for under $10 at most online retailers.

The sponge’s main purpose is to help the sponge penetrate the stain, while it also allows the sponge to collect excess liquid and then filter it out.

When you’re scrubbing with a sponge, it feels like you’re painting, with little or no scrubbing action, and you can’t feel the brush on your skin.

The sponge is therefore ideal for those who have oily skin and have a tendency to break out in red spots, which are caused by friction when scrubbing.

To help you get rid of this problem, the Sponge has an adjustable blade that lets you adjust the angle of the brush.

So, with that in mind, how does the sponge clean up a stain?

First, it filters the stain with water.

This will help to remove any impurities, including dead skin cells, dirt and oil.

Next, the wet sponge dries on a towel to make sure it doesn’t dry out.

If you’re using the sponge for an intense scrub, you might need to scrub the stain to a depth of about 10mm or so to remove it completely.

This can be quite a chore, but it does take a lot of the scrubbing time away from your work.

The water-based solution is also ideal for cleaning up spots where you can still feel your hands.

Once the stain is clean, the next step is to wash it off with soap and water.

You don’t need to wipe off the stain as this helps to reduce the chance of it sticking to your hands or the surface of the sponge. 

Then, you’ll want to apply the soap and wet the sponge with a cotton cloth.

The cotton will absorb the excess oil, which is what makes the sponge so effective.

This method works well for the most oily stains, but if you have red or brown spots, it’ll be difficult to apply enough pressure to remove the stain without drying the area out.

The best way to do this is to apply some pressure with your fingers.

If the stain isn’t completely dried, you should be able to feel the cloth on your hands without having to touch it with a finger.

If it’s still wet, you could try rubbing the stain onto the cloth to make it stick.

This should also help to get rid the oil and stain off your hands and clothes.

To remove any remaining residue, you’d probably need to use an alcohol scrub, which will help the stain go away.

After applying the alcohol scrub with a damp cloth, you’re ready to brush the stain away with the sponge again. 

You should now have a stain that’s clean enough to use for your next project.

For more detailed instructions, you need to watch the video above.

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