A range of cotton pants are the ideal choice for all sizes, but the ones with the widest range of waist and thigh length make the cut for the most stylish, well-rounded look.1.

Walmart Cargo PantsWith its slim and light fabric, cargo pants have a lot to offer for the modern man, and they come in a range of colours, styles and materials, making them ideal for everyday wear.

If you’re looking for a lighter cotton, there are plenty of cargo pants to choose from, from a light grey and navy to a more premium navy and white.2.

Target Cargo PantsTarget Cargo Pants are a staple of many modern man’s wardrobe, but what makes them so popular is the versatility they offer.

From casual, button-down trousers to dressy trousers and jeans, these trousers are a perfect choice for a range from casual to tailored looks.3.

Brooks Brothers Cargo PantsIf you’re into the casual look, then you’ll be pleased to hear that these cotton pants have the ability to take on a more laid-back and relaxed look.

They come in multiple styles, ranging from classic to classic grey, and the wide range of leg length and waist can make them suitable for many different looks.4.

H&M Cargo PantsWhether you’re a fan of a more classic look, or looking to take a step up, then this cotton is the perfect choice.

Whether you’re sporting a plain black or a dark grey pair, these cotton trousers are great for all occasions.5.

Zara Cargo PantsZara Cargo Pantries are a favourite among fashion-conscious men and women, and offer an extensive range of designs and fabrics.

They have been used by celebrities including David Beckham and Beyoncé, and can be found in a variety of colours.6.

Reebok Cargo PantsThese cotton trousers feature a slim cut, and are perfect for men’s casual looks.

They’re made from a range, from classic black to a modern navy, and feature a variety.7.

Calvin Klein Cargo PantsIt may seem a little strange that Calvin Klein is a staple in the fashion world, but they have been selling this cotton for over 100 years.

If these pants are up your alley, you’ll definitely find a cotton one that fits your needs.8.

Nike Cargo PantsWhen it comes to denim, these are a great choice for men, as the fit of these trousers will allow you to wear them with jeans or jeans and a pair of boots.

They can be worn as jeans or sneakers, with a cotton upper, and cotton bottoms for a more casual look.9.

Zellers Cargo PantsThey’re made of a stretchy material, and while they don’t have the same stretch as other cotton trousers, they are great choices for a casual look and a tailored look.10.

Hanes Cargo PantsHanes Cargo Panties have been around for more than 100 years, and their range of styles and colours are fantastic for any occasion.

They feature a range with a range in the classic black and a range that is all white.11.

Hennessey Cargo PantsWhile these trousers may seem like a staple for a certain style, they’re a great option for men who want to keep it casual.

They also come in all-black, grey, black, and white, and you can find a range for men in more of a fitted look.12.

Urban Outfitters Cargo PantsAlthough they may not look quite as colourful as the other cotton pants, these may not be the first choice for casual wear.

They may also look a little odd for the casual man, but if you’re not a fan or don’t want to be seen wearing a black, grey or white pair, they could be a great way to add a little something extra to your wardrobe.13.

Banana Republic Cargo PantsAs well as being a staple, these cargo pants are great at giving you a casual, relaxed look, and look great with jeans and sneakers.14.

Calvin Alexander Cargo PantsIn the summer months, the summer pant is a favourite of the casual men, and this cotton trousers will definitely fit in the summer.

They’ll also fit well with jeans, but be a bit different to the other cargo pants.15.

JCPenney Cargo PantsThis cotton pair of trousers are perfect to wear with jeans for a summer look.

As well as the classic cotton fabric, they have a range available in a wide range from light grey to a grey and black.16.

Levi’s Cargo PantsLevi’s Cargo Pantry is known for being one of the most popular brands in the world, and that’s why it’s one of our favourites.

With a range on everything from jeans to casual shirts, these can be used for a variety needs, and have a great value too.17.


Crew Cargo PantsThe classic black, white and black jeans and denim look are all the rage in the modern fashion world these days, and

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