I have to say I was a bit nervous about how my holiday dress would turn out.

I’ve always been very much into the classic holiday dress.

It has always felt like a signature piece of clothing.

However, with my daughter growing up, I wanted something that would fit in her personality and make her feel comfortable.

And I wanted it to be something that wasn’t overly revealing, so that she could enjoy it without looking like she was wearing a suit.

I wanted to create something that didn’t feel too formal.

I wanted a dress that would be fun to wear to parties and get dressed up on the day.

To do that, I needed to think outside the box.

My goal was to create a dress with some texture, but without a lot of fabric that was too thick.

I knew I wanted this dress to feel as casual as possible, but still have a bit of a look.

So, I tried to avoid a lot, and I ended up creating this perfect blend of everything.

The silhouette was perfect, so I had to make sure that everything fit snugly.

There were two pieces that really helped with this look.

The top is the most obvious, because it is my favorite piece.

The bottom piece is the perfect balance between the top and the bottom, so it is not too high and not too low.

The main part of the dress is made up of the front, which is the fabric that you would wear on your body.

I was able to find this fabric that is super lightweight and super soft.

The lace is a little thicker than you would expect, so you would want to use this if you are having a really hot day.

I would wear it in the summer months because it’s more flattering than it would be in the winter months.

Finally, I added some of the buttons on the back of the waistband, which really adds a bit more shape.

This is something that you don’t see very often.

You will notice the straps on the front and back are all removable.

This makes it easy to make a change, which means you can customize this dress any way you like.

When I put my daughter on the dress, I also added some details that I wanted her to wear in the coming weeks.

This is the dress that my daughter is wearing.

To complete the look, I chose a few of my favorite holiday accessories.

I also wanted to keep the look a bit modern, so when I saw this amazing new pair of holiday boots that was going to be on sale at Macy’s, I knew I would have to buy them.

I ordered the new Puma Boots.

They are a little too large for me, but the fit is perfect.

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