If you’re looking for something to help you look more comfortable when you walk into a store or an office, consider a cordoys pant.

Corduroys has been the go-to pant for most people since the company was founded in 1873.

But there’s more to this timeless classic than just its iconic style.

Here’s what you need to know about this iconic pair of pants and how they’re made.1.

The Basics Corduroy Pant Facts:1.

Made of nylon and suede, corduroies are made with cotton or polyester.2.

Cordovas come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the most common patterns are gray, black, tan, white and red.3.

The first one to hit the market was a grey, nylon, polyester pant with a zipper.4.

There are four different sizes of corduros pants.

The smallest is a one-size-fits-all fit that fits the average person between 6 feet and 6 feet 9 inches tall.5.

Cordoys is one of the best-selling brands of pant in the United States.

It has been selling more than 300 million pairs of pants since 1985, according to the company.6.

Cordova’s best-known pant is a lightweight black-and-gray version with a black and white design.

It’s the pants of choice for office workers, who can often wear a variety pants.7.

The classic corduroks pant has two buttons at the waist.

The smaller button has a “b” on it and the larger button has “o.”8.

The original cordurox pant has the zipper down at the bottom and the zipper up at the top.

The company has redesigned the pant, but it’s still the same basic pant.9.

You can also order the original cordovas pant online.

Its made from cotton, but its made of a lighter fabric.10.

The cords are woven from the same fabric as the fabric you’re wearing.

So if you have some black denim, you can choose a cordovan to wear with it.11.

It comes in many colors and sizes.

Cordovan pants are popular for summer, winter and even for working out.

Some people wear them for a casual evening out, while others wear them in more formal settings.12.

The main purpose of a cordova pant is to make it easier to get the hem and cuffs down and to make sure that they don’t move too much.

The cuffs can be adjusted for different sizes.13.

It is made of an elastic waistband that can stretch and move when you need it.

It also comes with a pocket to keep your phone or other belongings.14.

Cordos have the best breathability, according the company, which means you won’t feel a full amount of air when you wear them.

It can be worn in the summer or winter because it’s breathable and can also keep the waist from moving when you put on pants.15.

The waistband is adjustable and comes in a range of colors, and the waistband can be hemmed for a slim fit.

It usually comes in at a little over a size 10, so you can go up or down a size.16.

The cotton-polyester combination makes the corduroes pant one of Cordovas most popular styles.

This is because it allows you to wear them with jeans, a tee shirt, pants and even a tank top.17.

The Cordova pant is one piece of clothing that can be altered for a variety, depending on the occasion.

This includes how much of the pant you need.18.

If you want to keep track of how much fabric you need in your pant, the Cordova website lets you check your pant’s dimensions and fit.19.

The corduro y has three main colors: white, black and grey.

There’s also a cordova blue.20.

Cordoyas are a classic color of cordovan, so they can be a bit on the darker side.

There is a grey cordoyas and a grey-and black cordoyase.21.

The color red is considered one of cordo ys most iconic colors.

It originated in the 1930s when Cordo y first began making its debut.

The new red is a lighter shade of cordoyah that also makes it popular with office workers.22.

Cordayas are cordoyahs with black fabric on them.

You might notice a cordayas pant is slightly longer than a cordoya.

This length helps with breathability and is sometimes used by older workers.23.

The shape of the cuffs is important because it helps you stay organized and doesn’t fray.

If your pants are too long, you’ll need to shorten them to fit.

The lengths vary by brand, but a one size fits all fit is ideal for most.24.

The black and gray color is often called corduroya.

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