I’ve always been the kid who wanted to wear pants and a jacket, and I’ve never been one to go to parties without them.

I think I started going to parties in my early twenties, and my dad loved it.

When he first moved to New York City, he’d always go out in a pair of khakis and a shirt, because he thought it was so fashionable.

I remember when I was about 10, I remember looking at him and I was like, “I want to be like you, Dad.”

I’d always dress up to impress my friends, so it was just a matter of time until I wore pants to my birthday.

When I went to my first party, I wore my mom’s white pants, which I bought at Target, because it was the only place that carried khakis.

It was like a fashion statement, and it was cool.

Then one day, my dad told me that my mom would be going out with some guys.

It turned out that they were going to be the guys she was dating at the time.

I was so excited, but then I was a little worried.

I started wearing my khakis to parties like crazy, and then it got really crazy.

I’ve been a little bit more conservative lately.

I don’t go out too much.

I’m a pretty reserved person.

When you get to a certain age, you’re just like, I’m not going to go out.

I just don’t want to go.

But when I went out, it was like the coolest thing ever.

It just felt so normal to be out there with people.

My friends started coming up to me and saying, “Hey, you look so good!”

I was really, really happy, but I was also just really, completely freaked out.

It’s like, you can’t believe what you’re seeing, and you just want to throw up.

That’s when I started getting really, REALLY freaked-out.

That was the last time I would go to a party with my friends.

I would do a few rounds with the guys and then go to bed.

I didn’t want my friends to see me so freaked, so I just did the worst thing that I could think of and didn’t go to any more parties.

Then I got really sick.

I had a fever, and they gave me antibiotics for two days.

They had to inject me with a lot of medicine, so that made me really sick again.

So I took a blood thinner and got an antibiotic and got better.

The next time I went, I did my usual thing, and just got really weird.

The night before, I went back to work and did a bunch of meetings.

I felt really good and I did all my usual things, like go to work, get up and have breakfast.

I got home and the doctor said, “This isn’t good, do you want to get some rest?”

And I said, I have to go home right now.

I needed to go, but when I got to the house, it’s a different story.

It wasn’t a normal house.

My house is completely different.

I haven’t been in my house since.

My family was upset with me.

They didn’t think I should be doing it, but they were like, If I had to do it, I should have.

They said, If you have to do this, you have no business doing it.

It took me a while to get over it.

I did the best I could to not be around the guys, because I didn’ want to cause any drama.

My mom called me to get in the car.

She said, What’s wrong?

I said it’s okay, just take a rest.

And she said, Well, you’ve just been through a lot.

You’re in a bad place.

You have to get help.

I told her I had no idea what to do, and that I needed help.

She told me to call the ER, and she called my mom, and said, Mom, you need to call 911 right now because you’re in an accident.

I said OK, but why?

She said the ambulance is here.

I went home, and the ambulance came and they put me on the ground, and a nurse came and started looking at me.

She put me in the back of the ambulance, and we started talking to her.

She was so nice, and told me I was doing a good job.

She asked me about my problems, and all I was saying was that I have a lot to get better on, and maybe I can help you with it.

So she told me how to get my phone back, and called me back and said I needed your phone number.

So they called me and I called my number.

I called her back, which was really weird, because she didn’t know that I had my phone.

I wanted to tell her I needed her

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