What to wear to celebrate the centenary of the Olympic Games?

There’s plenty to love here in this new series, including the new, more colourful pant, the new chunky shorts and the new shoes.

We’ve also rounded up our favourites to show you what you can expect from this year’s edition of Pravana Pants.

How to wear your Pravanas 2018: What to look for The new trousers are designed to look like the pant the athletes wore in 1896 and they will have a unique texture, meaning they can be worn on the legs.

The shorts, made from a blend of cotton and polyester, will be an alternative to the previous shorts which were designed for the women’s Olympic Games.

The shoes are the same as those worn at the 1896 games.

The new footwear is made of a new material, called Polyester Nylon.

It’s designed to absorb the heat and humidity.

The footwear will be available for the 2018 games in Japan, China and the United States, with the final product expected to be available in the autumn.

The 2018 edition of the Pravas pant features a slightly longer leg opening.

A more modern style of pants, the chunky pants feature a full leg opening with a more tailored silhouette.

There’s a little more room between the knee and the knee collar, but the new pants look like they would fit better with an open leg.

The pant features an open design, meaning the top of the pant can slide down, while the bottom can slide forward.

The skirt can also slide down a little bit, allowing for some style to show, rather than being a sheer skirt.

The pants are a new fabric with a new design.

They’re the first in the Povas range to feature a stretch-knit lining that creates a better feel.

The pajamas are made from polyester with a stretch lining.

It adds warmth and adds style, but they’re also a little longer.

There is more room in the pant.

The shoe is a new version of the shoe worn by the women who competed in the 1896 Games.

It features a stretch heel and a longer heel to provide added comfort.

There are two sizes available.

The short and long sizes are available in a number of colours.

There will be three pairs of shorts, one pair of pants and one pair on the ground.

The Olympic Games 2018: Pant and shorts Pant Pant: White with black trim, long sleeve, two-tone fabric, low rise for extra comfort Shoes: White cotton with black polyester lining, low-rise for extra warmth, high-cut for extra durability, two pairs of socks, three pairs on the floor, two sets of socks each

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