I came out as a harem in my hijab and I have been called a disgrace, a traitor, and a whore, but I have always said, I am not ashamed of my identity.

As a young man, I wore my hijab with pride and I was proud of it.

As I got older, I started wearing it less and less, and I never wore it in public.

But now that I am old and wiser, I realize that my identity is not an identity I like to wear.

I can’t live in a world where I cannot wear a hijab.

I cannot live in this world where the only way I can be truly free is to abandon my hijab.

My sister and I both feel this way.

In a country where my father has no idea that I’m Jewish, where I never felt comfortable with my Muslim friends or my Muslim culture, where my friends often felt threatened by my presence, and where my family has no respect for my religious beliefs, I feel that I can never fully escape from the hijab.

When I say that, I mean it.

When we were young, we dressed modestly and didn’t get much exposure to the world.

My mother always thought we were “poor” and that we couldn’t afford to wear hijab.

But I have lived in this country and know that it’s not always easy to live in the face of this cultural prejudice.

So I always knew that I could never live as a woman in a country that does not respect my identity and my religion.

But this year, I finally began to understand that this was a big mistake.

I finally realized that I needed to make a big leap.

For me, this is a major step.

But in order to do this, I have to understand my identity, and this is where my mother has taught me how to become a woman.

I am now able to wear my hijab in public without worrying that I will be labeled a traitor and a prostitute, a whore or a thief.

I don’t want to be labeled as a Muslim, a woman or a whore.

I do not want to feel guilty.

I never want to live the life of a Muslim woman, a Muslim man or a Muslim girl.

When you’re in a Muslim country, your only options are to convert to Islam or to live as an apostate.

In Israel, I had to choose between living in a religion where I had no faith, and my Muslim identity, or I could become an apostasy.

I decided to become an atheist and that was my choice, because it was easier.

I’m proud of my decision, but it also comes with a cost.

In the U.S., I am constantly told that I should be ashamed of who I am and what I believe.

I have faced this criticism on multiple occasions, including at the United Nations.

My family has been constantly trying to tell me that I need to stop wearing hijab, that I have made a mistake and that I shouldn’t wear hijab anymore.

But no matter how many times I tell them, they always say, “You’re not an atheist, you’re a Muslim.”

That’s because I am an atheist.

I didn’t make a mistake.

My choice is not my responsibility.

I chose to wear a scarf, and now I wear it as a sign of faith, pride, and honor.

I feel proud that I chose a religion that is not oppressive.

My religion is a place where I feel free to live my life as a human being.

I choose a religion in which I am comfortable with who I want to call myself.

In this country, people feel the need to define themselves in a way that is different from everyone else.

In order to live freely in a religious country, you have to respect the religious identity of those you come from.

In other words, you can’t have a religion and a religious identity.

If I am wearing a hijab in my community, it doesn’t matter how I dress, I’m still a Muslim.

If you see me in public, you will probably not think that I wear hijab, and if you do, you’ll probably call me a traitor.

But it doesn.

You have to choose what is important to you and what is acceptable to you.

And you have the right to wear whatever you want, because there are people who wear hijab who are doing great things in this life and will never be judged for it.

This is the first step in a long process.

It is important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that the Muslim community has a long way to go before we will be able to truly eliminate this culture of discrimination.

The U.N. Human Rights Council will hold its next meeting on October 15th.

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