From 1990 to 2000, when Lulules was a baby brand, there was a time when the company had the makings of a phenomenon.

But the company lost $7 billion in market value by the time the dot-com crash struck, and the brand’s sales plunged.

Today, Luludes apparel has become a niche product, the stuff of teen fashion blogs and YouTube videos, and its brands continue to flounder.

But it’s hard to imagine a time more than a decade ago when the brand was so important to fashion, when so many brands were looking for a way to make a quick buck.

Lululemo was born in 1987, a year after Lulu-lo, the first-ever adult diaper company.

Its name derives from the Spanish word for “to have a diaper,” and it debuted in a pair of Luluz diapers that were designed to keep the baby in the room, the company said.

In the late 1980s and early ’90S, Lulu, the brand, was an offshoot of Lulu-Lo, a women’s line of diaper-free diapers.

In the U.S., Lululos were first sold in women’s-only stores and then through specialty retailers like Best Buy.

In 1990, Luli’s parent company, the American Family Association, launched Lulula, the “baby diaper” brand.

The brand became a success, selling more than 1.5 million pairs of Lula diapers in 1991 and expanding to stores in Europe and Japan.

Lululi’s sales started growing in the U

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