Brown pants are the hottest and most popular new style of the new year.

That’s according to the latest research by the latest fashion magazine, which analyzed data from the New York Times.

While most Americans love to wear casual wear, there are some trends that make these pants seem more sophisticated.

One is the fact that many of the styles feature pockets.

The article cites a survey by Brand New Clothing, which shows that most men and women in the U.S. wear pants that have pockets.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents (58 percent) prefer them to be on the waist, the back, and above the knee.

A slim fit in the front (42 percent) is also popular, and the article quotes the brand’s founder, James K. Brown, as saying that these are the most flattering pants for women to wear.

In contrast, jeans have always been popular with men, with more than 90 percent of men choosing to wear them.

According to the study, women love pants that are slimmer than jeans.

There are some exceptions.

Some women wear pants with a waistband (18 percent), and men also like a slimmer fit (18.9 percent).

But these aren’t the most popular styles, the article notes.

Another trend that has made headlines recently is the rise of denim, the brand name for the denim-like material that many jeans are made from.

The article cites research that shows that denim is becoming more popular than other denim materials like cotton, which is considered more durable and versatile.

The article quotes one denim company that said that in 2017, denim was up 25 percent, with denim jeans and other lightweight fabrics (like wool or polyester) accounting for the bulk of the rise.

The denim industry is in a unique position to make the jump to a new style, given the high demand for denim in the retail industry.

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