The man who was wearing black flarepants to a black-tie event in Toronto said he was shocked to see them again after the city was rocked by the deaths of two police officers in recent weeks.

“I’m very surprised,” said Robert Williams, a retired Toronto police officer who said he bought the black flare trousers for $70 at a department store.

Black flare pants for sale at the Canadian Tire store. “

You could buy the black ones that you see in the news, they’re a little bit more modest and they’re more subtle.”

Black flare pants for sale at the Canadian Tire store.

(CBC) Williams, who was on vacation in Toronto on a recent day, said he’s now wearing the black flares to gatherings with friends and colleagues.

He said the black fabric is a more subtle option, which he finds more comfortable than the flashy black flares.

The men’s carhattan pants were worn to the event and were popular with some of the black-clad men, he said.

“I love the fit.

I’ve always been a fan of it,” he said of the men’s pants.

Williams said the pants are also worn with other items, such as a hat and scarf, and are typically a cheaper option.

On Friday, police officers Const.

Victor Kwong and Sgt. Brian Ouellette were killed in a police-involved shooting in Ottawa, while three others, including Const.

Daniel Theriault, were wounded in the city’s Parliament Hill neighbourhood.

Both men were wearing the uniforms of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Police have said the two officers were shot while responding to a report of a robbery and they were also shot in the back.

A fourth police officer was also wounded in a shooting outside Parliament Hill on Thursday.

As well, a fourth police sergeant was also shot on Thursday night.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that the RCMP would begin a national search for two men wanted in the shootings.

At a news conference, Trudeau said the RCMP is searching for the two men in connection with the recent shootings in Ottawa.

There are no additional details about the identity of the officers.

Toronto Mayor John Tory and Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the mayor and police chief are working with the police service to find the suspects.

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