By now you know Ben Davis is a former WWE superstar.

So much so that he’s the subject of a feature by Vice News titled “Ben Davis Poses in Red.”

Here’s what you need to know about the legend of The King of Kings, who retired from the WWE in April 2019.1.

He’s the man who gave us the red pant.

According to Davis, he began wearing red pants when he was 16.

He got the idea when he heard his father, former WWE champion The Rock, wore a red plaid shirt, Davis explained.

He thought it would be cool to do the same.

Davis was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Davis was raised in Baltimore and eventually moved to California to attend Cal State Long Beach.

He played basketball and football at Cal State Northridge and was drafted by the New York Jets in 1986.

After playing three seasons in New York, Davis retired from pro wrestling in 1998.

Davis, however, was active in the local black community and was inducted into the Black Panther Party’s Hall of Fame in 2014.2.

His pants are actually very stylish.

In a statement to Vice, Davis described his wardrobe as a combination of a red shirt and red pants.

He also described the color of the pants as “a mix of red and black.”

Davis has worn red pants throughout his career, including at WrestleMania 31 in July 2018.

Davis even wore red pants to the 2016 ESPYs.

Davis’s pants are so stylish that he can be seen in a promo for WWE’s WWE Raw that features former WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos and WWE Divas Champion Sasha Banks.

Davis has been wearing red panty pants for about a year.

In 2017, he wore them at Wrestlemania 33 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He wore red pant pants at Wrestle Mania 32 in Chicago.

In 2019, he also wore red plucks in a match against CM Punk at Wrestle Kingdom 8.

Davis has worn these pants in matches since.

Davis is known for his incredible physique, but he also has a huge heart.

Davis recently shared an emotional Instagram post on his official Twitter account, saying he’s “trying to get back to the people that have been so kind to me.”

Davis is not the only one who has worn pants to a WrestleMania, and it has not been easy.

Davis lost his mother, Michelle, in 2016 after he was shot in the leg during a drive-by shooting.

Davis is currently being treated in a Chicago hospital for injuries sustained during the shooting.

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