How to make pants that are stylish but not too fussy: Pants that are not fancy

I’ve been obsessed with fashion pants since the early 1980s.I have a particular love for casual pants and in my mind, the fashions in women’s plazas and casual pants are all alike: a good quality, comfortable, well-made pair of pants.When I was a teenager, I got into a few pairs of men’s platz pants and […]

“I’m Not Afraid” is a meme

National Review’s Matt Schlapp: “I don’t think I’m Afraid.”Matt Schlack (@mschlapp) October 21, 2017 The National Review has a very simple slogan: “You’re Not Afared.”That’s a meme, a meme with a catchy catchphrase.It can be used as a punchline in a tweet or in an email.It’s also a meme that is both funny and deeply […]

How to wear the new Adidas maternity pants

By: Emily Bazelon The new Adidas Mens maternity pants are here and they look amazing!They are light, comfortable and have a great fit.If you like your maternity pants light and comfortable, this is the pant you need.Read more about these maternity pants on the adidas website.You can also buy the Adidas Men’s snowpants from Adalberto […]

‘Womens Lounge Pants’ are the answer to everything, says retailer

The women’s lounge pants trend has made it into fashion, and it’s here to stay.The trend, popularized by fashion photographer Jessica Diamandis, is a throwback to a time when women’s underwear was the only piece of clothing to cover the entire body.Now, designers like the one-piece lounge pants and the three-piece womens loungewear have hit […]

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