A pair of $1.6m yoga pants from the Australian company FitFit is out to save you a bit of money on your next workout.

They’re made of polyester, and offer a blend of comfort and style that’s perfect for a variety of purposes.

Read moreRead moreThere’s no doubt that they’re a bit pricey for what you get, but the company says they offer a great value for money, with a price of $2.80 for each pair of the pants, which is almost half the cost of a pair of jeans.

You can find the Fit pants online for $1 per pair.

You can also find a pair in stores, but you’d need to wait for a long time to see them in person.

They also come in three colours, which you can find on the Fit website.

The first colour is a lighter shade, which fits better for women.

The second colour is grey and is the shade you’d use on a regular day.

And lastly, the third colour is black, which will give your pants extra support.

They even have a nifty little accessory for you to add to your wardrobe.

You could buy a couple of yoga pants in each colour, and then attach a strap to the back of each pair.

There’s a nice video explaining the process of how to attach the strap.

Fit says the straps come in two sizes, and they can be ordered in three different colours.

I tried on a pair, and I can say that it’s a lot more comfortable than a pair I’ve worn before, so I’ll definitely be getting a pair.

You should also note that Fit is also a sponsor of the Australian Grand Prix, which means you can get a pair for just $1 more than a normal pair of pants.

I’m going to try them on in the future, but until then, they’re worth a look if you want to save a little bit of cash on your upcoming fitness workout.

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